Crying at the Movies

The movie based on Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You has been getting a lot of press lately. I read the book and loved it as much as you can love a book like that. Which is to say: I was crying but not mad I read it. It was a page turner and I recommend it to friends with a big fat asterisk. That said, I’m undecided about the movie. Will I see it? Will I hate myself for it?

I’ve also been horrified by the Facebook comments I’ve seen from acquaintances who obviously have not read the book: “This movie looks so cute!” “Check this out, I can’t wait to see this!” I’m not the kind of person to condescendingly insist you read a book before you see the movie, but please lordy read the book first. Good? Yep. Cute? Not entirely.

Getting a bit less traction (at least in my neck of the Internet) is the movie made from the book Light Between Oceans. How did I not know this was happening? This was a stellar book which I was thankful a friend lent to me–and I was not a bit angry at her when it made me cry. The movie looks equally moving, but very good! The trailer is here.

Will I be in the theater when these movies hit? Oh, probably. I’ll call my sister or a friend who has read the book, and we’ll skip the mascara and be there, purses shoved full of Kleenex.


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