I love the idea of the 30-in-30 poetry challenges for April. I’ll be alternating back and forth between the prompts at and the April PAD Challenge at Writer’s Digest. While the ultimate goal is, of course, 30 poems, I am trying to be realistic. Days will be missed because that’s life; missing a day will just result in a bit of extra time spent on another day. I will complete 30-in-30, but it might not be 30 days daily. Dig?

We just took the kids to Chicago for a museum whirlwind, and while there was an abundance of inspiration, there wasn’t a lot of writing-friendly downtime. Unless, that is, you count my new works, “Can You Please Be Patient While I Look At This Picasso for One More Minute” and “Going To Bed At Ten O’Clock And Watching TV On Mute Because We Are In A Hotel Room With Our Children.” Hopefully I’ll end the month with a few pieces that are promising enough to build on in May!


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